Jerusalem Simcha offers a wide variety of services to add to the celebrations. Here are just a few…

Welcome Procession

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Your party will be greeted at Dung Gate with musicians playing drums, clarinet and blowing the shofar. The musicians will lead the procession as the Bar Mitzvah and family walk under the chupah down to the Kotel Plaza.


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Upon arrival to the Old City, you and your guests will enjoy an array of baked goods, mini sandwiches, delicacies, fruits, hot and cold drinks.

Balloon Release


Kick off the procession with the release of blue and white balloons in honor of the Bar Mitzvah.

Dove Release


An alternative to the balloon release is the release of 50 white doves in honor of the Bar Mitzvah.

Photographer & Videographer

Make lasting memories of this special day with our fantastic team of photographers and videographers.



Enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of a bus to drive you and your guests to and from the ceremony.

Personalised Memorabilia


Personalize the ceremony with custom kippot, head covers, tehilim, benchers, and much more, designed by you!


Make your event extraordinary! A floral designer will work with you to create unique and personalised flower arrangements for this special day.

Activities for the Kids

Up the festivities with a vast selection of activities for the kids to enjoy on this special day. Pool tables, caricatures, balloons, bubbles and so much more. Something for every age!

Welcome Gift Bags

Treat your guests to a welcome gift bag upon arrival. Packed with a personalized cold water bottle, a sweet treat and a welcome note from the Bar Mitzvah boy.