What time can we hold a Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall?

In principle, Bar Mitzvahs are held during the morning prayers (Shacharit), but you can hold the event later if you are not having full services, but just Shema Yisrael and Torah reading. Most Bar Mitzvahs at the Western Wall are held at 9am to 1pm, but some are also held in the afternoon.

Can we hold a Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall in winter?

When it’s raining you can hold the event only in the Wilson’s Arch, which is covered. You must remember that there might be several events happening simultaneously and the women’s section can get overcrowded. In winter we recommend using an adjacent synagogue and walking down to the Western Wall after the Torah reading.

What should I bring to a Bar Mitzvah ceremony in Jerusalem?

We recommend brining kippas or sun hats as a souvenir for your guests, hard candy (recommended to freeze the day before) – and don’t forget them on the bus! Water – it can get hot and you don’t want anyone fainting. Tallit and Tefillin – for the father or grandfather – if you haven’t got, […]

What does a Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall include?

Putting on Tallit and Teffilin, saying Shema Yisrael, taking out the Sefer Torah, three are called to the say the blessings, reading from the scroll, the parents bless the Bar Mitzvah boy, the boy receives a certificate from the Rabbi of the Western Wall, and of course, lots of singing and dancing. We can arrange […]

Bar Mitzvah Attractions in Jerusalem

Bar Mitzvah Attractions in Jerusalem Shofars at the Western Wall, an unforgettable experience of drummers and shofars walking down to the Western Wall, releasing a display of balloons or doves over the Western Wall, the Bar Mitzvah boy leads a guided tour through the Western Wall Tunnels or Chain of Generations, an oversized blow-up doll […]